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UMKM Go Export to Europe

umkm go export to europe

Why should SMEs look at the European market as SMEs go Export? This question has arisen since the pandemic era in 2019 until 2022, where new lifestyles and habits have been created in societies around the world, including in Indonesia and Europe.

Did you know that out of the 27 member countries of the European Union, the population reached 446,834,579 people in 2019? This means that the potential demand is twice as large as Indonesia.

SMEs have proven to be an important pillar for Indonesia’s economic growth during the pandemic. The current focus is on how SMEs and MSMEs can increase productivity in product innovation and attractive packaging. The goal is to create branding for SMEs from a marketing strategy standpoint.

Indonesia’s SME products have great potential to penetrate the export market. However, many of Indonesia’s SMEs and MSMEs abandon their intention due to the complicated export process. Starting from product quality standards, packaging, licensing, to shipping/logistics, which require special requirements with shipping prices that are not cheap.

There is a great hope that the Indonesian government can become a facilitator of infrastructure/systems that are easy to access and use in managing the licensing of prospective exporters and customs documents. Given that export activities provide additional income for the country (foreign exchange).

In Indonesia, there is a company with the trademark PASAREU that focuses on providing solutions to difficulties or obstacles for SMEs, MSMEs, and farmers who are looking at the European market. Starting from product quality consultation, packaging and licensing to shipping.

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